Fright Night at Decker

“Fright Night at Decker” was produced in October 2014 for CAP Magazine’s The Sound. It is the second in the storytelling series.

Every Halloween, a select group of seventh and eighth graders at Decker Middle School in Austin, Texas, transform a typical middle school hallway—and some classrooms—into a legit frightening experience for students.

Josh Duty—or Mr. Duty as he’s called on Decker’s campus—has run the haunted house for about five years now. He also coordinates an elective program called AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). Through AVID, students are put on the college track. The haunted house is a fundraiser for AVID, and each year, it gets crazier and crazier; so much so that Fright Night is a legendary part of Decker Middle School’s culture.

“Fright Night at Decker” was recorded with a ZOOM H5 and Shure SM58 Microphone; it was edited using Adobe Audition.